I paint because there’s an underlying reality worth fighting for.

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Neal Cormier Boston Portraits

These are all portraits from clients off the street in Boston. Mostly from Downtown Crossing.


Pet Portrait, Soooo cute!!!

Heath Ledger Joker, client commission

“do not forget your dying king” – JFK Portrait April 21st, 2017

Tai & Tasha – Portrait in the Boston Commons – 4/10/2017


Lue & Charlotte 3/30/2017 Downtown Crossing Portrait


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“In Luminous” – 2013 – Oil on Canvas – 61″ x 110″

This piece is the size of an entire wall. See below for client shot. Commissioned work.


“Her Hallway” – 2005 – Oil on Canvas – 42″ x 125″

I keep dreaming of this cathedral.

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I do professional custom web and marketing work in Drupal and WordPress. Design and development have always been one thing for me, and I seek to reinvent the interface and web services.

6D Global Drupal 7 V2 Flagship Site Redesign.  iTunes Podcast Services, Marketo and Salesforce to Drupal API Integrations.

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