-Memoir entry continued-

In the novel 1984, Winston, the protagonist, commits thought crimes by wanting to desire and think outside of Big Brother. He follows the writings of a true rebel, Emmanuel Goldstein in a book on how to overthrow the government.

To his horror he later discovers Goldstein—is the government. It was packaged rebellion in order for Big Brother to better monitor, co-opt and control Winston.

Opting For the Herd


I have as of yet not written at any length about the absolute insanity of the world right now. It speaks to all that is in us. What I had suspected about the vast majority of the human race was right: truth and justice are luxuries to most humans. What gets me though, is that they scarcely seem to be aware that this is what is happening. 

I wondered most of my life what made the Holocaust possible.

The purpose of the Politically Correct ‘movement’ is not to protect any individual creed as it alleges, but to remove society itself from criticism.

Think about it, what’s the best way to censor public information?

To get us to do it ourselves.

Thus, ratting ourselves out. Thus, making PC Culture a form of wholesale snitchery.

Who stands to benefit most from such a movement?

If you really think it’s the public and minorities, you are naive in the extreme.

And who are the major funders of the major PC putsches?

Last night I dreamt I had two Dads. I was on the phone with one, while the other was calling on another cell. It ended with me waking up after trying desperately to convince the first that there was a second waiting for me to pickup. He told me it was a conspiracy theory.

Raspberry vodka, pineapple juice, strawberry banana puree, fresh squeezed lemon and lime, and a dash of bitters. Shaken, and double strained to eliminate pulp and ice shards.

The vote is actually real, but effectively fake. Not hard to tell which one wins, and which one loses in that equation.

It really helps me to know now, that none of this was normal.

It really helps to know that we never really had a chance.

Helps to know, there really were cliques, even in Elementary School.

That cheerleaders and football players really were about keeping artists and thinkers out of style and out of sway.

That there literally really were poisons they called food, they intended us to eat.

We ate them.

And that they were all around us.

Cars really are dangerous. 60,000 deaths a year, a Vietnam.

Every year.