The purpose of the Politically Correct ‘movement’ is not to protect any individual creed as it alleges, but to remove society itself from criticism.

Think about it, what’s the best way to censor public information?

To get us to do it ourselves.

Thus, ratting ourselves out. Thus, making PC Culture a form of wholesale snitchery.

Who stands to benefit most from such a movement?

If you really think it’s the public and minorities, you are naive in the extreme.

And who are the major funders of the major PC putsches?

BLM is funded by ACTBLUE, a financial arm of the Democratic party.

“ActBlue raised $19 million in its first three years, from 2004 to 2007.[14] In the 2005-2006 campaign, the site raised $17 million for 1500 Democratic candidates, with $15.5 million going to congressional campaigns. By August 2007, the site had raised $25.5 million.[15]

In the 2018 midterms elections, ActBlue raised $1.6 billion for Democratic candidates.[16] According to FEC data, from January 2017 to October 2018 Beto O’Rourke had raised $45 million through ActBlue for his unsuccessful run against Ted Cruz, 48% of which came from outside Texas.[17]”

ME TOO, is largely funded by mainstream media such as CBS News ‘donating’ around $20 Million.

ME TOO is especially exacting, preying on politicians and celebrities, a realm where rape and sexual assault are as abundant as water at a pool.

Virtually all male politicians are rapists and virtually all male celebrities and comedians hold women back from advancing in their industry.

Hence making their target like shooting fish in a barrel. Celebrities and politicians are meant to stand for the majority, but they are actually the exception in terms of most people. But you are made to think they are the rule.

Observe that ME TOO is almost entirely focused around getting revenge against male perpetrators versus helping victims of rape.

Observe also that political correctness in effect acts to protect white males more than any other group, by isolating them from minorities.

The effects of the PC culture are especially evident to me while waiting in line at Chipotle for soda or at Starbucks waiting for condiments.

Brainwashed suburban white people treat black people with kid gloves standing at a minimum safe distance waiting patiently for blacks to finish pouring their cream or getting their Coke. Black people in turn, feel there is no need to consider anyone else.

I myself have never done this and won’t hesitate to indicate to anyone taking too much time fixing their drinks that it’s time for the next person to have a chance.

The groups are being progressively re-isolated for fear of being ‘canceled.’ This kind of environment does not breed familiarity and friendliness, it breeds ignorance, resentment and sacred cows.

In fact, the net effect is to isolate and compartmentalize all groups from each other, since all of us have things that would offend someone, somewhere.

Now they’re going after Dr. Seuss, which will now work to isolate children from other different children.

Once we rewrite history enough, future generations will be forced to conclude that though they are told of their country’s racist, sexist past, the PC Movement will by that point have removed all the evidence by censoring the past.

The children of the future will implicitly think discrimination never really existed, thus opening the flood gates for a new more widespread form of racism, sexism, agism, ablism, you name it…

The fear of being canceled will keep all the groups isolated, making this a perfect breeding ground for the new tribal future of ever more divided groups.

PC culture is getting so out of control that it’s even targeting the family unit, where the words ‘mother’ and ‘father’ are being canceled in themselves.

I guess the only love a child can freely have according to what’s left is that of love for The State, Corporations…Big Brother.

As George Carlin said, Political Correctness is just fascism in the form of politeness.

The next time you are told to shut your mouth, or you see someone else told to shut theirs, think about who is there to reap the true rewards and who loses.