Playing Cards

Spoiled Meat

Baby Photos!

A customer holds you up by showing you her entire families history of baby photos.

Health Inspector

They're looking for kickbacks. If the health inspector isn't bribed he or she might not pass you. $500 or more is the going rate. For a bad rating, all players must pay out $1,000 or be terminated. Players may go into debt. See debt and debtors prison for more details.

Secret Shopper

Sex Offendor

The Shits

If you have eaten in the game, you now have to poop. Spicy foods mean you only have 2 rounds to get to the toilet. Otherwisse, you have 1d4 rounds to get to the bathroom without shitting yourself. Wandering poops will come out if your health is less than 7. Subtract 1 round (to make it to the toilet) per 2 drinks you've had the whole game. 0 means you automatically shit yourself. It also means an automatic wandering poop. Roll 1d4 for how many + 1 poops per drinks past 5.

Biker Gang

Helicopter Parents!

Helicopter parents enter the restaurant. Their mere presence triggers all players coldled past, costing all PCs 5 charisma points and 3 smarts points for 4 rounds.

Celebrity Guest

Falling Chandelier

Drunk Homeless Guy

Trash Duty

Human Sacrifice

One PC or NPC has to be sacrificed to appease God and attract new customers.

District Manager

Regional Manager

The President

The US President has graced your restaurant with his or her presence. All players gain $10,000. If the players choose to disrupt, or disrespect the President, the player who did it loses $10,000 and half their hit points.

Santa Claus

Each player gets to wish a gift to be brought from Santa Claus. Be careful, like a genie, Santa doesn't forget. Anything. Everything you say is recorded.

Senile Old Guy

God Hath Smote You

Nuclear War

a) Most of the world is in ashes. Dont worry though, the restaurant wasn't hit.

b) The blast radius missed your surrounding area but radiation poisoning costs all players half their health points.

c) The blast radius missed your surrounding area but radiation poisoning costs all players hit points at a loss of 1 per round until everyone only has 2 health points.

c) Your restaurant is the epicenter of the ICBM blast. You are all dead. Create new characters.



Black Death (Plague)


Dimensional Rift

The CERN Hadron Collider opens a rift to a dimension of demons. NPCs must encounter a squadron of devils, and defeat them.

Winning Lottery Ticket!

Player wins a small jackpot: 2d10 x $100

Pipe Burst

Costs each player $800 to repair.




If your health is less than 6, you become nauseous, if you have also had more than 5 drinks in addition, you have a 10% chance of avoiding vomiting per health points.



Roll 1d10 between the following list of STDs.


Trash Duty

Trash Overflow

Random server is blamed for not having taken out the trash last shift. Pay $100 or be fired. Roll 1d6 to determine who it is. Place two trash pieces in the front of the house.

Battle Axe

Book of Spells

Free Hooker

Bar Turns Into a Black Hole





Bath Salts



Player can move 10 squares at a time per loss of 1 hit point.


Player can move 20 squares at a time per a 8 hit point loss. If a cook draws this card, they gain the ability to make all meals perfect for the next 4 rounds. +

Sucking all players inside who are within 1d6 squares all around the bar.

Random Psychotic Episode

Player suffers psychotic rage for 1d4 rounds, trying to kill everything in site. Only way to override is the antidote which doesnt exist without the book of Spells.


You are blackmailed by an important person in the game. Next PC gets to decide what it is and what happens.

Swingers Party!

Mold in the soda line

Refill Soda Lines

The soda lines for the bar guns are out of soda. Player must refill them. Soda lines are in the kitchen near the trash. Failure to refill soda lines means all customers get a comp of $20 per one full round of all players.