Also called 'Garnawins' by the common tongue. They are single plate monoliths related to Enulites, that cast inverted sunlight through their imprinted holes. These cookie cutter holes are objects in other planes and dimensions.

The light cast through a memory tree endows its beholder with great abilities and insight. The problem is in controlling it and if you're not a sorcerer or wizard or spell caster of any kind, it can easily control you. Each Garnawin splits itself and casts from differing planes depending on the angle and where the holes were actually imprinted from. Every adventurer standing before the monolith, is soiled with often an overbearing sense of great nostalgia about everything.

Any attempt to touch any of the holes, makes the object on the other side come to life and transports a mini bubble of the other dimension around the ofren unwitting subject. i.e - A character reaches out to the flower imprint on the monolith above, and suddenly one is holding a dandelion in a field near a beach. Every few seconds spent inside the bubble makes the space expand by a few meters.