Favors, Backscratching and Kickbacks

Favors and Service

Tit for tat, a favor is a service rendered to another player piece in exchange for another favor.


- Server agrees to bus his own tables if busser or runner takes out all his trash for 4 rounds or the rest of the game

Backscratching and Perks

This is when a perk is given to another player in exchange for another perk.


- 50% off all desserts for life if customer agrees to lets the manager date his wife.

Kickbacks and 'Gifts'

This is when someone pays an amount of money of gifts something to another player in exchange for something tangible.


- Manager pays health inspector money to give him a good rating

- Money will be printed more realistically, but bills like monopoly

- Players can be either servers, bartenders, managers, hosts, kitchen people, or customers like prostitutes who visit the bar looking for work, or senile old men

- Player draws a card from the customer stack when they approach a table to see what "guest" they are serving.

- Pesky wandering poops can always make their way out of the bathroom

- Stacks of cards are to be randomly shuffled, but context applies. For example, if one draws a district manager card at a table they are serving and gave bad service, the player could be fired.