A nighttime creature that lives in the attics of homes. It consists only of a bumping head that has no body and travels by 'bumping' its way across a floor. Thus, someone observing an upstairs 'bump' would hear a heart beat like continual noise as if a single footstep repeating. This footstep gains speed as it osilates toward its next host. If the victim does get consumed by a bump, their head is imploded and 'absorbed' by the bump, who is the head of its last victim.

They often appear like those little bobble heads you get from a coin machine at a grocery store that also sells gum.

It must be a home featuring the bond between two people, to show up.

If one becomes the victim of a bump that consumes their head, then you go to the attic they once inhabited, reliving some memory ad infintitum until they find another head to replace. This attic repeats in their heads until the end of time unless another head is consumed.

Str 10, Dex 1, Ag 10, Int 4, Wis 2, En 40, He 10, EM 30, Kn 2(34)*, Cha 2, Be 3, HP 75

HA: -4
AR: 9
DA: -4
PA: -4
CA: 0

Endemic Abilities: Consume Head, Absorb Soul

EM Abilities: Teleport Self, Shift Plane, Zip Space

Spells: Close Door, Make Noise, Switch Self, Brainwash