Approaching a Table to Take an Order

1. Player moves their customer piece(s) on the square next to the table.

2. Player server greets the table, with prescribed Schmicks n Tricks greeting, handing customer the menu. (Failure to do the proper greeting, costs the player $50. The next time, the server is written up. 3 write ups and you're fired. 4 write ups and you're shot.)

3. Server writes down order in one listen and writes it down, or else costs the customer another whole round. ($10 off the check per round lost, which in turn decreases the Server's tips.)

4. Server then must move to a POS Station to relay the order to the cooks. Many times the POSs are down and in this case a server must go all the way to the kitchen with the order and present it to a cook. Server's speed attribute is critical to arriving at the kitchen on time. Dexterity is crucial to avoid slips and falls.

4. If the POS works: Server gets to a working POS machine and from what they wrote down on their pen and paper pad, they pick what cards correspond to the correct food and drink items. These cards are in themselves what counts as entering the order into the POS. i.e. the Server can pick the wrong cards or have written the order down wrong.

Then the Server must then roll under their Smarts as an ability check. A failed Smarts check means 1d4 items are lost.

The Server then hands those cards over to a line cook, who then puts the stack into an order of stacks that are waiting to be cooked.

If the POS was down: Servers arrive in the kitchen and then must wait in line to give their orders over.
Server then presents the order directly to the Chef if there, if not then to a line cook. This is done only by handing them the written order. The cook or chef then picks the cards they -think- correspond to the right food items. Servers have no choice about this and cannot pick their own food cards.