I used to think we were living in a real and actual world.

I always knew the reality we were presented with, wasn't exactly how it really is, but it took half a lifetime to realize how much I was just looking in a fun house mirror.

The Big Lie consists of a series of ongoing mixed messages, intended to make you think giving up on yourself is actually self-improvement, while constantly having you run up a hill with promised fruit at the top. When there is no fruit at all.

It runs something like: "Your vote counts," "Voting fraud is rare,"
"Don't get too big for your britches," "It could happen to you," "Life isn't perfect," and "Our country isn't perfect, what country is?" "Drink Milk," "Think about your career," "Your future is what you put into it," "Retire with a 401K," "Don't lose your retirement to another crash, invest now," "Knowledge is power," "Don't put a price on your education..."

People unflinchingly call our country a "Democracy," and I too believed this lie for half my lifetime; that this was basically the case. Part of the reason I thought this as most still do, is because of the bone authorities throw us, the margins of actual freedom we enjoy. I had no idea how thin these margins actually were, and that even this was nothing but a bribe. The real picture became clear to me the more I thought, read and visited other places. I came to see how behind consumerist distraction and the thin line between entertainment and war--rests an oligarchical society inside a tightly controlled propaganda machine.

I spent life going from state to state and other countries to learn that most of mankind is asleep. I came in contact with a few over the course of everything I've known, who give life its meaning.

I began as a suburban kid from the NOVA DC area, moved to New York City finally, and pursued art at a college called The School of Visual Arts. When I was 20, and just after the second year, I lost my mom to an on-going lifelong sickness. At that same time, I was learning what a scam art school really is in our country so I moved to the West Coast with a girlfriend. I moved back to New York at every interval between places. I have a daughter, Lili, she's 15 and French. I spent about four years in France, in the region of Basse-Normandie.

I returned to The States in 2005 and again pursued art, but knew I had to extend my vision to yet another medium, so I began learning web development and programming. I currently live in Portland, Maine with my fiancé Katherine. I create paintings, work on websites, write memoirs as well as continue Vesper Heliotropic, an autobiographical saga set in a dystopian fantasy world with myself as a female. I've sold art to a variety of galleries and private individuals over the years.

I believe in life as free. I mean, truly free. I do art in the sense of creating "art as the public dream." I hope to meet artists and systems thinkers. Or just thinkers at all. Wherever there is intelligent life, as sparse as it is on this planet. If Earth survives climate change, I believe we will indeed evolve past the state of life as we know it into a more rational planet, unencumbered by the chokehold of cowards, terminal sophistication, and the reality of interminably failed systems.

I believe that a part of us will live on to see the greatness of truly being human in the epic, heroic and eternal sense. That is, of an examined, philosophically conscious life dedicated to a meaningful purpose that knows the boundless realm of myth, legend and above all--the song of life.

The master race is Human. You are Included.