People who travel through mirrors. And dont always have any other existence.

The mirror travel is to the plane of the dead, but usually on!y as a conduit. Though one can get trapped in it.

Donons can travel through space from literal point to point Transit to another mirror, or for inter-planer travel.


Emaciated looking fairies who suck life or vital essence out of someone and spit it out as a night terror or desire. They also shed themselves like actual leaves and those leaves also shed fainter versions of themselves, and they all exist as effective ghosts, constantly chasing an identity they dont know how they lost. Each 'leaf' of a lemleaf, steals a specific memory from a PC and brings it back to them.

Str. 30 Int. 10 Dex. 18 Const. 0 Cha. 19 Wis. 15/25 Com. Variant. Alignment: Variant. Hut hinged like a ghost, on completing her story. HP: 2d10 for the spirit to go away, does not die because they're undead. AC: 18
Memory Trees

Also called 'Garnawins' by the common tongue. They are single plate monoliths related to Enulites, that cast inverted sunlight through their imprinted holes. These cookie cutter holes are objects in other planes and dimensions.

The light cast through a memory tree endows its beholder with great abilities and insight. The problem is in controlling it and if you're not a sorcerer or wizard or spell caster of any kind, it can easily control you. Each Garnawin splits itself and casts from differing planes depending on the angle and where the holes were actually imprinted from. Every adventurer standing before the monolith, is soiled with often an overbearing sense of great nostalgia about everything.


A mutant human-insturmnent. The most well known Marquins are traditionally musical instruments that cannot talk but play their music as a type of communication.


Edna is a fortune telling lady, friend of the Telling Trees wood, the world over; who puts little fortune notes in random books. She is wholly unaware in most cases, of the fact that these fortunes, upon being rediscovered--animate the discoverer in some seriously new ways.

Ednas hang out in trinket stores and markets usually underneath piles of peoples little antiques they've sold to the shop. Many rumor that these trinkets also possess magical powers, to be bought at ones own risk.

Telling Tree

A telling tree will mix truth and lies leaving the player to guess which is which but can predict the future

Str. 19 int. 12 Dex. 1 Const. N/A Wis. 15 Com. N/A Alignment: Chaotic Neutral HP: 120 + 5d10 Fortune Chart 1-10 -

Young girls who essentially act as vampire sex slaves. And are caught in inter-planer travel as birth is a magical act. These creature-whores systematize the sex act for money or personal gain, or the gain of their tribe.

Goldens have no original facial features whatsoever and if they appear to, it is the face of someone they consumed.

The Bump

A nighttime creature that lives in the attics of homes. It consists only of a bumping head that has no body and travels by 'bumping' its way across a floor. Thus, someone observing an upstairs 'bump' would hear a heart beat like continual noise as if a single footstep repeating. This footstep gains speed as it osilates toward its next host. If the victim does get consumed by a bump, their head is imploded and 'absorbed' by the bump, who is the head of its last victim.

They often appear like those little bobble heads you get from a coin machine at a grocery store that also sells gum.

It must be a home featuring the bond between two people, to show up.

If one becomes the victim of a bump that consumes their head, then you go to the attic they once inhabited, reliving some memory ad infintitum until they find another head to replace. This attic repeats in their heads until the end of time unless another head is consumed.

Enulites and Xiolyns

Enulites are birch forest dwelling nymphs who appear to lure unsuspecting wanderers into the snare of their shape shifting Xiolyns, to whom they are eternally captive.

Xiolyns are the carriers of actual black holes.

Red Banes

The tribe this spirit is from is unknown to the Linderen world, but most wizards theorize them to come sometime deep in the past.

They appear most often a red skinned man with an axe, slowly creeping up on unsuspecting people. Most often for some reason these spirits inhabit forest hotels and plague and haunt the owners of a given establishment.

Lady Gondon

The guarding lady of an Encyclopedia Cathedral. Also known as a 'Bone Cathedral,' housing all the dead of the Multiverse, as an 'accessible' library of the deceased.

The Gondons are a wealthy family whose legacy and lineage passed away long ago but whose spirits remain to protect the good for being the good.

They are also the resting place of all missing children of Linderen in particular, little girls who died in bondage and slavery.