“In Luminous” – 2013 – Oil on Canvas – 61″ x 110″

This piece is the size of an entire wall. See below for client shot. Commissioned work.


“Her Hallway” – 2005 – Oil on Canvas – 42″ x 125″

I keep dreaming of this cathedral.

“After The Fall” – 2008 – Oil on Canvas

This and “Vanishing Sun” are linked in a series, among others. Notice the trees. They are actually clouds. Coming up from the ground. Recurring dream.


“Self Portrait” – 1996 – Charcoal on Paper

I lost this portrait on a Canal St train (NYC) after leaving all my things behind once. They were too heavy to carry.


“Vanishing Sun” – 2007 – Oil on Canvas

“Light Years Katherine” – 2008 – Oil on Canvas

This painting and its name came as a premonition of my wife, Katherine whom I met in 2012. It looks just like her.



“The Dharma Cafe Old Downtown Fairfax  1993” – Oil on Cardboard – 2008


“Into The Door” – 1996 – Oil on Cardboard

Recurring themes of the downfall of suburbia. Did this one just before college.